Data management and workflows are transforming the way the construction industry works and the precast concrete industry is no different.
Working with BRICSCAD & Revit we have prepared a BIM module for our software.

Not convinced BIM is relevant to you?

By 2016 the majority of northern Europe Public Tenders must be BIM compliant, but we feel there are deeper benefits to be obtained from adoption of this exciting technology.

  • BIM produces construction documents that contain information about structure, quantities, materials and other data that can be used in both — the construction and management of a building
  • BIM operates on a digital database and any suggested design change made to this database is reflected throughout the entire chain of communication in a construction project.
  • Earlier design visualisation also allows for better cost estimates and budget control.
  • The BIM 3D model can be used to visualise the design at any stage of the process.
  • BIM also enables accurate extraction of 2D drawings at any stage of the design process.
  • Using BIM, designers can analyze the building design in detail and locate human errors, if any.
  • BIM provides accurate and extremely reliable information about the building, the structure, the materials used, etc including green aspects such as energy efficiency and day-lighting.