Sirbegovic, based in Bosnia-Herzogovina, is the first company of its kind to enter into the precast flooring industry in any major way. They have implemented significant improvements in the construction sector. They are using slip form construction which incorporate continuous corbels for the Hollowcore support. They are currently building a major new cardiac centre of 6 storeys. The slabs bear onto reinforced concrete walls which contain concrete corbels. There are plans for a multi-storey commercial building.

Here the floors will have no corbels, a fact which will give them quite a commercial advantage over other companies using traditional construction. With this head start together with the increased productivity from FloorCAD, they can vigorously showcase to Architects the possibilities for flat soffit floors – with not a corbels in sight!! Residential housing is a growing area there and not just Bosnia but Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia as well. The region has a total population of 20-25 million people.